season's greetings

Maastricht is a very Catholic part of the Netherlands.

recently there have been plenty of people singing carols in the streets, and children and their parents involved in "live" nativity scenes.

while partaking in the christmas tradition of shopping, I learned that the Dutch normally don't wish people a "merry christmas" unless it is actually december 25.

however, they make exceptions, in english, on other days...

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  1. It was not the done thing in my (catholic) (extended) family to wish each other a "merry" christmas, even on the 25th. Took me many years to work out why we said "happy" christmas instead. While I like to think my immediate family is a little less abstemious, doug certainly complains about my father's tight fist around the wine bottles on the 25th. He thinks a bit more merriment would be just the thing.