great deeds & puncture prevention

for services to puncture prevention, the nail collectors on Jakarta's streets certainly deserve more than they get!

read about them in the Jakarta Post here

(thanks Andy for the link)



70's bicycle love

and here's the second...

it's by Charles O'Rear.

and you can still find the rest the series here.


plane love vs bicycle love

having written in the last post that I would be blogging about bicycle love in Totnes, I'm going to post a couple of images that I was introduced to by Douglas. (thanks!)

Here's the first, it's by John Neubauer

it's part of a series about "america in crisis in the '70s" that you can see here


present & future

this little blogger has now moved

from the netherlands to the englands.

...Totnes to be specific.

naturally, there are many differences, compared with the netherlands, in:
bicycle infrastructure,
bicycles and
any other number of aspects of cycling.

over the course of the forthcoming year or so I'll endeavour to document and write about what goes on here regarding the love of bicycles in Totnes and its surrounds.

to start the year, let's go with green!