stupid bicycle infrastructure

alongside the popular destination of federation square is a beginning or end point of the yarra bicycle trail. the new "bicyle only" signs recently appeared along with the painted marks on the "footpath".

i've ridden along here many times without any trouble but much pleasure... i have never been confused nor required directions or lines telling me which in which direction i must ride.

even when there are many people walking to the mcg i've never had confrontations or difficulties as i negotiate, on bicycle, my way through the crowd .

see the signs though on the ground in case you forget which way you must be riding...

before this became a "bicycle only" zone, people would come and pose for photographs,
enjoy the view of the river,
wander and
do whatever they wanted to do.

they still do despite the signs.

after 100m the "bicycle only" zone, and painted lines end.

another sign says give way.

except for the lines and signs, not much has really changed... except of course it probably cost taxpayers a decent amount of money for this to "planned" and executed.

i really, really hope that the council and/or bicycle victoria won't be counting this in their stats to say they've created xxxx new meters of bicycle paths.