christmas behind the glass

season's greetings...

(this year from the south west of england)



while in Melbourne I've had the pleasure of catching up with friends, family, and....

Issue 4: is out now and has lots of hot bicycle action!



while it is not quite summer in Melbourne

it feels like it

and looks like it

to me


homely structures - 2

another example of making storing your bike easy in the Netherlands


transporting Cinderella

transport + pumpkins

led to thoughts of Cinderella

how different the fairytale could have been if Cinderella had had a bicycle?!?!

instead of worrying about her carriage turning into a pumpkin at midnight

I dare say she could have had a much later night, more fun, and still enjoyed the ride home with a swarthy prince

oh well... it worked out well for her in the end


untitled - Dusseldorf 2

a little more intimate with the same bike from the previous post


d e c o n s t r u c t e d - 2

remains of the day interest me (as seen previously)


the fact that the front forks of this bike had been broken off from the frame was a little disconcerting...

someone obviously had a little too much time on their hands


if you're going to San Francisco...

All across the nation such a strange vibration
People in motion
There's a whole generation with a new explanation
People in motion people in motion


four lines from John Phillips' song "San Francisco"


one guest photo from Libby from her trip to San Francisco

though the song was not about cycling, the words resonate with relevance for those sharing the love of cycling...

you can enjoy the song (as performed by Scott McKenzie) right here...

and you can find out more about Libby's love of the bicycle here


morning colours

on a recent autumnal morning in Exeter...

the cyclist was hard to see despite some fluorescent gear


men who make bicycles - 1

I have recently had the good fortune to meet some men who make bicycles.

not for a job

but for the love.

John, of Brugge, is one of the aforementioned men.

He was kind enough to answer three questions I put to him.

Why did you start making bicycles?
The advantage of making and repairing your own bike is the fact that you can build up the bike to your own budget, willing and approve.
I love to search on internet sites for bargains and secondhand quality parts in good condition, because it is far more interesting then new stuff.

What do you like most about bikes?
They look elegant and very refined.
I love most of all vintage/retro bikes made out of steel.

What else do you make?
Apart from bikes, timber is my passion.
is full of salvaged wooden finds, like the walls covered in raw planks.
And the "home made" pieces of art made out of recuperation timber.

With many thanks to John and Frederika for helping to make the stay in Brugge so enjoyable.


keeping it safe

I know very little about Trelock locks, but you can go here to find out pretty well everything.


from A to B

a change of scene from Aachen to Brisbane with a guest photo from Matt.

for more information on the bike share scheme click here