signs of bikes - 11

this sign is just near the jewish museum in Berlin...

if you look closely you'll see the stickers given to people to indicate that they've paid up to enter.


put to good use

I posted here about the gifts to Maastricht train users...

and you can see that they're being put to good use.


wild life

in the wilds of the Hoge Veluwe you can find white bikes

hunting alone

or resting in packs

while you enjoy the wonderful Kroller Muller Museum


free parking

every train station has a lot of free parking space

but as as we've seen in Delft and Maastricht for example, there's never enough...


washed up on the Maas

although it's hard to tell from this photo, the lock on the bike is clean unlike the rest of the bicycle...

I wondered if the owner of the lock is planning on returning to the site to take the bike away?


overcrowding has created some challenges but not problems at Maastricht station

- for example see this post

but now some presents for the cyclists of Maastricht...


retiree bikes

my wife and I noticed this more so in Delft than anywhere else...

"his" and "hers" models of the same brand

and apparently brand new...