cardboard bike

a story about a bike made from cardboard?

see the link for more info!

who would have thought it?!

I'd be surprised though that if it really can be bought for $9


Macau bicycle love - 1

with many thanks to guest bike lover/photographer Andy from Macau


two in one

the Guardian combined two of my interests in one in this little story on football and cycling...

personally I'm surprised there aren't more stories of Dutch, German and Italian footballers and others riding around in the EPL.

But, then again, I guess if you're getting paid a load of money to play football you're already not your average  person, so why would you do something as "normal" as riding a bike?

hang on a minute! that's right, it's not normal to ride a bike in England...

but just a little weird or alternative...

shame about that...

super cycle logo


bicycle lift

a new bicycle lift being installed for those with heavy bikes,

no gears,

no energy,

or those just wanting to relax up the hill.

to see one in action you can go to you tube (of course) here...

many thanks to Anna for the use of the images...



good day/bad day

good day for Velibs in Paris and Paris

not such a good day for 7 bicycle thieves

read about it in the guardian here.

cycling in...

here's a little guest series of photos from Anna in Trondheim...


free cycling

there's a good, brief article in the economist (available here) on who's riding bikes in England...

for me, it makes two good points...

one about the issues related to perceptions of safety, and the other about exclusivity.

fair enough that people want to feel safe before they go out and ride (or do anything else for that matter). there's nothing like some good infrastructure and laws to make this happen. easier said than done to get those laws and infrastructure in place.

as for the inclusiveness or exclusiveness of cycling it's harder to address because there's so many people and companies etc trying to sell an image or bike...

take for example two well known bicycling brands:  copenhagencyclechic and Brompton

sites like copenhagencyclechic project an image of cycling being for the aspirationally fashionable, young and sexy. or any of those combinations. that is, it's fine to be old and riding a bike as long as you're also fashionable.

similarly, many bike companies espouse the need for practicality and functionality in decision making about purchasing a bike. Brompton, make fine folding bikes, perfect, for example, for the commuter, or person without much storage space. however, a Brompon typically costs a lot more than your average folding bike (for a number of good reasons). the bikes can also be tailored in many ways to a users needs and desires.

if one went by the images and marketing alone, it would appear that cycling is indeed not for the "everyman"

cycling needs to be plain and normal enough for the "everyman" to feel safe and happy enough to do it... perhaps then the numbers of people cycling more regularly will increase more rapidly?


no place like home

after a very, very long ride, there's no place like home to have your bike stolen...

I am sorry for your loss Sam Swain.

may the thief one day form a conscience!


poetry in motion

the title says it all. with many thanks to Claudia.