men who make bicycles - 1

I have recently had the good fortune to meet some men who make bicycles.

not for a job

but for the love.

John, of Brugge, is one of the aforementioned men.

He was kind enough to answer three questions I put to him.

Why did you start making bicycles?
The advantage of making and repairing your own bike is the fact that you can build up the bike to your own budget, willing and approve.
I love to search on internet sites for bargains and secondhand quality parts in good condition, because it is far more interesting then new stuff.

What do you like most about bikes?
They look elegant and very refined.
I love most of all vintage/retro bikes made out of steel.

What else do you make?
Apart from bikes, timber is my passion.
is full of salvaged wooden finds, like the walls covered in raw planks.
And the "home made" pieces of art made out of recuperation timber.

With many thanks to John and Frederika for helping to make the stay in Brugge so enjoyable.


keeping it safe

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