i saw this two days ago

on the streets...

a couple riding together, eastwards along victoria st.
light falls off girls bike, but she rides on.
not long later though,
boy rides back to inspect and collect
the light is broken, and left
he rides back and they ride on.

a small favour



a lot of people who ride motorbikes like to think that each version of the motorbike was another improvement on the bicycle.

i like putting the idea the other way... that the bicycle represents a refined version of the motorbike...

for this post there is no "pure" bicycle. where a fourth photo might otherwise be, you can picture your own bicycle there, or re-view some of the posts...

thanks to the friend who loves motorised bikes for these images



the bicycle futures conference was recently held at the university of melbourne.

this conference was not in copenhagen.

nor did it receive international media coverage.

Niels Torslov, Traffic Director of City of Copenhagen however did have some words of wisdom...

download the lecture to hear those very words. 

with thanks to my thoughtful wife for pointing this out to me.