dutch bike meets australian cyclist

back in 2010 I wrote a little piece about what a lot of people in Australia think manly men and womanly women should ride.  (you can read that post here if you want)

today, I cam across a great little video made by a Dutchman who introduces the Dutch bike to some Australian cyclists... the results are interesting and illustrate nicely what I wrote about...



exhibition alert

as a visitor to this site you quickly see that it's all about photography and bicycles.

if you happen to be going to Paris between now and the 9th June, you can also combine the two at an Henri Cartier-Bresson exhibition at the Pompidou Centre.

for comment and some images of photos from the exhibition you can read about it in the guardian.

no prizes for guessing which one is my favourite...


10 point plan for cycling

British Cycling is launching their 10 point plan today to attempt to increase the number of trips made by bike... Based on modelling by Dr James Woodcock it indicates that it wouldn't take much for there to be massive benefits to the British economy. This is a document aimed at the policy makers and so highlights the health and financial benefits.

If people and governments were rational and logical this line of reasoning would be a winner - guaranteed to lead to change...

But... There's already plenty of evidence of the benefits of cycling, and still the government hasn't done anything seriously yet.

What will it actually take?

I suspect some additional dimension that affects the government's motivation is needed...