weather report

I assume, rightly or wrongly, that the novelty of snow will wear off sooner or later.

Until that time though, I think it's rather beautiful and am very happy for it to keep on snowing.


  1. I realise you are some distance from the "lowlands" reclaimed land, but are there any canals? I remember the different temperature of the bridges to the normal roads caused many cyclists to turn rapidly off a bridge over a canal onto an icy road only for the lack of friction to cause the bike to slide out from under them and almost the entire impact of the fall being taken by the rider's knee.

    The cold air, for obvious physical reasons, carries sound crisply through it and the sickening, high-fidelity crunch of knee on brick will stay with me always.

  2. There are not many canals in or around Maastricht that I'm aware of... though there is one canal nearby that has been used more to power an old mill than anything else... nothing like Amsterdam.

    Though I haven't seen any cyclists fall, I know of one person who has slipped on the ice and broken her wrist and have seen others walking with crutches of late. However, things have warmed up, and most of the snow is gone... just a bit wet now.