Get well soon Tim Kopra

I feel a little sorry for Tim Kopra for three reasons.

1. he fell off his bike;

2. he will probably miss out on the chance to walk in space because of the injuries he sustained as a result of point 1.; and,

3. it's made international news.

from reading the article, i couldn't help but get the feeling that someone thinks this is a bit funny...


Villo bikes in Brussels

find out about how you can use one of the bikes here...

and get an idea about the obstacles are at "Where's my Villo?"


selling bicycles

i've written previously about making cycling look and be easy as a way of increasing the uptake and use of bikes.

another way is to make it look something like this...

with thanks to Michael at www.mojobike.com.au


a vote for the bike share scheme!?

the Melbourne daily newspaper The Age has an online poll for whether or not readers (of the newspaper, rather than this blog) think the local bikeshare scheme should be "scrapped" or not.

if you want your vote counted be quick!

there's some interesting reading on the increase in use of the bikeshare scheme since cheap helmets have been made available...

reminds me of that post i wrote about making cycling easy...


signs of bikes

you cannot see the people

walking their bike up the stairs

in a line

in the snow