1. Hey TTF,
    Your faithful reader is also interested in seeing photographs of various elements of bicycle infrastructure in Melbourne. This may include signage - whether on stencils of bicycles on footpaths or signs placed on poles (are there any of these?).
    It seems that there are never enough bicycle racks around the streets of Melbourne - particularly in Carlton and around the corners of Swanston and Bourke or Swanston and Collins. I guess that they have more and more bicycles attached to them is a sign that bicycling culture is rising quickly - more quickly than the state government or city council is prepared to support, at least.
    I caught a brief news item on Arirang television station the other day and there was a report about 'car free day' in Seoul. Could be a good idea for Melbourne occasionally.

  2. Faithful reader and commentator... I think your suggestion for a car free day is great. However, I think the car loving lord mayor of melbourne might be just one of many opposed to it. Mayor Doyle did eat a small piece of humble pie recently when the public consultation process overwhelmingly supported no cars on the Swanston St, so perhaps there's hope...
    As for parking problems with your bicylce... I observed the other day when it was wet, just how much space there was... seems as though many people who ride bikes to/from the city really prefer to do so in the dry. Choose a rainy day, park close to wherever you need to be and enjoy.