poster bike


  1. Hey TTF,
    I'm wondering about how you will be organising your photographs. There is already a lot of variation in the 21 photographs posted so far. This is good as it shows how complex the matter of photographing bicycles and bicycle culture is. I'm also wondering how many other photographs you are taking of bicycles and whether or not these are just a small sample of what you have taken. Are you also printing these photographs?

  2. Hi Andy,
    at the moment there isn't any plan at all to organise the photos. I don't really have any system for posting the photos, although the only "rule" I would have would be to try and not post too many photos consecutively that are similar in composition and time of day/night... though of course I'm bound to break this rule any time soon.
    I have taken many more photos than I've posted so far, and I don't think I've posted any photos on the day that they were actually taken.
    No prints to date either.

  3. As my friend Binhad would say, 'rakyat menunggu'...'the people are waiting'...