bicycle sounds safe

lately, as I've been riding around Maastricht, the bell on one of my bikes has been jingling along with every bump and cobblestone I ride over... while i like the gentle ringing sounds, it reminded me of how convenient it is, as a pedestrian, to hear bikes coming from behind you before deciding to cross the street.

no doubt you're less likely to blindly step out without looking if you can hear a noisy rattling thing approaching at speed.

and that is something to be thankful for - most of the bikes are old and noisy.

just don't assume that their brakes will work efficiently...

you can hear my jingling bell here:

to stimulate your eyes here's a little film of riding around Maastricht.

I didn't make the film and wouldn't have chosen the music that has been used...  but it does give you an additional sense of what it is like to ride around Maastricht.


 you could even watch it on mute and play this longer version of my bike sounds.

lastly, I wonder if there have been any unintended effects of making smoother (i.e. quieter) bike lanes?

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